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Important Questions To Ask Any Waco Roofing Contractor

When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor in Waco, it's important to do your due diligence and ask the right questions to ensure you're getting the best service for your money.

Important Questions To Ask Any Waco Roofing Contractor

Here are some important questions to ask any Waco roofing contractor before you hire them:

Do You Offer A Warranty For Your Roofing Work?

A roof warranty typically lasts for a year, but some roofers offer longer warranties. The manufacturer usually covers the materials, and the roofer covers the work. These are two separate warranties, so ask the roofer for the coverage and length of each warranty. As a warning, an extended warranty could add to the overall cost of your estimate.

Do You Use Roofing Subcontractors?

Ask the roofing company whether they outsource parts of the job to a team of subcontractors under their purview. If so, make sure these subcontractors have insurance and the licenses to complete the work. You should also ask for the physical address and name of the subcontractors, running this info through the Better Business Bureau and social media sites to find any red flags. A reputable company should explain to you exactly what tasks they outsource to a subcontractor and why.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Inquiring about the roofing company’s history is not the only way to tell if they provide good work at a decent price, but it certainly helps paint a picture. If your contractor has been around the block a few times, they will likely have plenty of customer references to hand out and multiple examples of their work for you to peruse.

Do You Provide Written Estimates?

You don’t want any costly surprises when it comes time to pay the bill. The contractor should provide a written estimate that takes into account labor, materials, and anything else that may come up during the job. You can help improve the accuracy of this estimate by taking photos of any damage, writing down the size of your roof, and keeping tabs on project materials.

Will There Be Someone On-Site I Can Communicate With?

Once construction starts, the roofing company should have someone on-site to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have. Make sure you know who the project manager is before the beginning of construction.

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